2015 Tryout Schedule (Link)- Make sure you register

2015 Tryouts and season information-This years tryouts will be May 31st either at Cox Sports Park.  Season will begin August 3rd.

Colts Player Expectations- This is important for all of our players to read

2013 End Of Year Newsletter- 2013 was a fantastic year we grew by leaps and bounds and had many on the field successes.  The newsletter highlights some of our successes through the fall of 2013. To view the newsletter please click on the link. 

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Always Compete- Pete Carroll

Always Compete….
As you progress through your sporting life…..
Always Compete.
If you want to go for it…..
Always Compete.
You’re gonna have to make choices in life and those choices need to be conscious decisions.  There’s only one person in control here, and that person is you…
You hold all the cards.  You are the master of you.  It’s time to admit it…
You have always known this.  So if you’re ready, act on it…
Always compete.
Don’t you dare try to be too cool, don’t you dare be afraid of life.
Just “dare to be great,” and let it rip.
Always be humble, always be kind, always be respectful…
Always Compete.
Everything you do counts and screams who you are.  There is no hiding from you.
Act as if the whole world will know who you are…
Always Compete.
Be true to yourself and let nothing hold you back.
Compete to be the greatest you, and that will always be enough and that will be a lifetime!
Always Compete.